A fewTestimonials 

...."I first went to Dinah because I had had major life changing event ....It’s been an amazing and pleasurable experience. The outcome is my business is expanding, I am in control, I am happy and I have goals on a personal and professional level that I never thought that I would have again". (Ms AD, Private)


“I have to admit that when Dinah said she thought she could help with the phobia I had had since childhood I was more than a little sceptical. Dinah listening carefully and reflectively to what I had to say. And only then did she respond. Clearly and thoughtfully yet decisively in her beautifully calm manner. As if there could be no doubt whatsoever that she would help me lay this issue to rest. 

For me, Dinah’s approach is one lit up by her years of varied experience across the globe and the consequent wisdom that comes from being genuinely interested in and attuned to those around you, from all walks of life. And so, what of my phobia? Gone! Yes. I was impressed.  I cannot recommend Dinah highly enough. From my own experience I know you will not regret booking a session with her!”

(Mrs K.G.Private)

“Your intuition, listening and actions are superb. I loved the whole coaching experience.... I have had a lot of coaching before and never before have I experienced anything quite like this.”(Ms A.D. Private)

"Dinah’s been invaluable as a mentor as I’ve launched my own business - and I truly value her advice, expertise and ability to put things into perspective. I can’t recommend Dinah highly enough, and look forward to working closely with her throughout the rest of my career"

(Mr J.P. Private)


“Dinah is a complete one off and a total breath of fresh air. I've never worked with anyone quite like her as she combines broad strategic thinking with deep empathy”(Mr A.B. Corporate)


"Dinah has a natural ability to really understand the cultural and business nuances that can positively or negatively affect change and this, along with high energy, effective leadership, immaculate interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence, contribute to her trail of success wherever she goes." (Mr L.B. Corporate)

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