"The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are."

When it comes to change, it can be quite a challenge. We're smart, we know what's good for us and often we already know what we need to do.  So what stops us? Why do we often feel so overwhelmed and stuck? And why do we often sabotage the successes we do have? At The Right Foot, I take a holistic approach to the change you want to make in your life. It's not just goal setting and action plans. We need to create an internal and external environment that is ready and prepared for change. The Right foot  aims to help clients live a life of health, purpose, fulfilment and balance. You will learn skills and techniques to create clarity, calm, confidence and focus; from breathing and posture to nutrition and NLP. Without this knowledge, the road to success will be harder. Success is far sweeter when it arrives with greater wellbeing too. 


In your sessions, Dinah takes an integrated approach to the areas of your life where you feel stuck as well as the ambitions you have for your future. We are part of a whole and if aspects of ourselves are out of balance, it becomes more challenging to stay confident and focused on where we want to be in life. That's why we look at your health, your nutrition, your environment, your obstacles and your aspirations and find ways through coaching techniques and tools that will ensure that you leave every session confident about your next steps to realise your dreams. And it doesn't stop when you leave, at The Right Foot you're given a coaching portal where we set goals together and you are able to update your progress as well as track and measure your successes. By being accountable, you will maintain focus and love the results. 


Mindfulness is a simple and natural thing. There is nothing special to believe in. We just do it. There is a host of scientific studies that have provided evidence of meditation's benefits for health, wellbeing, mental clarity and calm. Are you ready for the long term, lifelong benefits that you will reap from a regular mediation practice? 

If you are, then this course will take you gently, step by step towards a greater sense of wellbeing. 


The 8 step B.O.U.N.D.A.R.Y. system for Balance has been developed so that each aspect of ourselves is supported through a system of techniques and tools that empower, motivate, clarify, energise and help us feel our very best. It is only then that we will have the vitality, confidence and courage to believe that we really do have everything we need to fulfil our ambitions whilst achieving a greater sense of wellbeing.

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To ensure your wellbeing programmes create the positive outcomes your company desires, your strategy needs to support your vision for a healthy company. The Right Foot provides strategic consulting to ensure that your employees can connect their wellbeing to the overall ambitions of the company as well as provide you with a change implementation roadmap to ensure your vision is embedded.


Our success is measured on your success. Success means creating confident change and achieving goals whilst developing greater wellbeing


Please write an email or use the contact page to take the first step in finding out how I can help support the changes you would like to make.

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